Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pharmacology of "Sambal Air Asam"

Assalamualaikum...Pabila jari jemari mula menari di atas papan kekunci.... Apa khabar iman dan diri kalian?
Tease untuk kali ini ialah Pharmacology of Sambal Air asam...


Indication: therapeutic of choice for sambalasamic hyperphagia, stress, etc

Mode of Action: potent stimulating the taste bud at your tongue, the stimulus impulse generated from taste bud to stimulate your central nervous system to increase stimulation of pleasure center

1. It is frequently to be given orally, no any intravenous formulation
2. Good to take with other foods (eg: ikan bakar, rice, etc). Monotherapy can be done as well.
3. Metabolism: metaboized in stomach and intestinal lumen
4. Absorption: Directly act on your tongue taste bud, no need to be absorbed. (Except its digested product)
4. Excretion: Fecal route

Side Effects: The intake of air asam may cause to:
1. Salivation; increase amount of saliva resulting from from activation of parasympathetic outflow
2. Increase GI motility; the action of intrinsic content of sambal air asam is may stimulate the GI motility. Complication: Defecation urgency
3. Gastric distention: send inhibitory impulse to satiety center --> tell stomach already full, stop eating
4. Reduction of plasma ghrelin hormone concentration (extent of hungry is proportional to ghrelin plasma concentration)

Toxicity: Overdose of air asam may irritate your stomach very much

1. avoid Sedative drug (anxiolytics, antipsychotics) the action of sambal air asam really do not work if and only if the patient is taking hypnotic drug (how could you eat sambal air asam when you are sleeping?)
2. tolerance may present.
3. Precaution is given to patient with hypertension (due to contain of salt) and diabetes (due to contain of sugar)
4. Hypoghrelinemia may reduce the compliance of air asam.


#ni semua buat sendiri, tapi rujuk bnyk reference...hahaha..."pharmacist" kata la kan.... haha

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