Friday, December 14, 2012

Questions Review 1 : Anatomy

Something that I want to share with you all:

The following statements are true regarding the cell structures and epithelia.
A.      Anatomical descriptions are expressed in relation to anatomical planes.
B.      The nuclear membrane shares similar features with cells’ plasma membrane.
C.      The epithelium is able to regenerate when injured.
D.       The epithelium is classified based on shape of cells only.
E.         Low metabolic cells tend to appear squamous in shape.

The following statements are true regarding connective tissue.
A.      Connective tissue is important in maintaining the internal architecture of an organ.
B.      Connective tissue is made up of fibers and cells only.
C.      The fibroblasts are inconspicuous in amount.
D.      Areolar connective tissue is a type of connective tissue proper.
E.       Adults have more brown fat than yellow fat.

The following statements are true regarding joints.
A.      All joints are freely movable.
B.      Sutures are a type of fibrous joints.
C.      The articular surface of the synovial joint is lined by the fibrocartilage.
D.      Synovial joints are classified according to the shape of articulating surface and degree of movements.
E.       Wrist joint permits flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, and rotation.

The following statements are true regarding spongy bones.
A.      The junction between diaphysis and epiphysis contains cartilage in young people.
B.      Spongy bone has no trabeculae.
C.      The spaces between the trabeculae of spongy bones are filled up with bone marrow.
D.      The spongy bone is found in the outer space and inner surface of skull.
E.       Spongy bone forms the inner surface of diaphysis of long bones.

There will be more questions I will be shared to you all in an immediate time, 
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